Surgery To Come – The Serious Shit

Yesterday we had the consultation with Dr B, (a completely different Dr B to the previous Dr B) the surgeon, to talk about how we go from here. This was an early morning trip down to Vannes and the Clinique l’Oceane again.
Dr B’s secretary uses a bluetooth headset for her phone, all techno techno but I am amused that the set up includes a mechanical attachment to the phone to lift the handset and to drop it back down to connect and disconnect. That seems very French, a combination of cutting edge tech and simple mechanicals.
Dr B is not an Impossibly Beautiful Doctor but he’s not bad looking, around 5′ 8″, slim, a runner’s body and close cropped greying hair. He’s looks in his early to mid thirties. He is also open and clear about what he wants to do, what it will mean for me and his English is pretty good so it is easy to understand everything.
The scans show only Brian in situ, nothing anywhere else including the lymph nodes, so that’s all good. He told us that although the carcinoma looks the same as the one from my tongue cancer, they are unsure whether it is actually the same so they are taking a more cautious approach to the surgery. I had been hoping for a wedge resection via laproscopic surgery but they want to be a tad more radical. The plan is take the middle lobe of my right lung which contains Brian but to do it via laproscopic surgery, a thoroscopy, if possible. It may not be possible and that decision will be made during the surgery, which is going to be on 8th June.
Here’s a doc on the kinds of lung cancer that occur and the types of surgery involved:
My cancer is NON small cell, the size is less than 25mm, so relatively good and easy to treat, it is in the middle lobe but is possibly hard to reach so the plan is to start with a thoroscopy and change to the standard lobectomy if necessary. So, in the thoroscopy I will get three small incisions, one up near my right shoulder, two down near the bottom of my ribs. These will be one for the camera and two for the cutting kit. Have a look at page 33 of the above doc. If that doesn’t work they will switch to the standard open surgery for a lobectomy (see page 30). The advantage of the first is that there is less pain, it is quicker to recover from and I’ll probably spend less time in hospital (3-5 days approx.). The other way means more pain, longer in hospital and a longer, slower recovery. Either way, I will have an epidural at the base of my neck, top of my spine for pain control. Obviously the first is the preferred but I am ready to take on the second if that’s what is happening. I won’t know ’til after so I just have to wait. My head is straight on this, I am prepared to work for good and quick recovery. They do some 200-400 thoracic surgeries at the clinic every year, so they have good experience and I have confidence in Dr B, he seems very capable.

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I read, I write, I play softball, I feed the chickens. I am as in love with Phylly as I was all those years ago when we married. I thank the gods/daemons/fates or who/whatever gave me cancer - truly a case of cloud/silver lining!
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