Like Piccadilly Circus Here, Mate!

I’m out and done and the middle lobe of my right lung is gone. I bandied about that the operation was the full thoracotomy, based on the amount of time taken and the size and shape of the upper scar but I was wrong. Dr B performed the laproscopic lobectomy as he hoped it just took him a bit longer than he intended. This is good news for me as I have not had a large incision made, nor had my ribs spread to gain access. 

Since waking up this morning there has been a non stop parade of people in and out of my room. The fortunate price you pay for being on the Intensive Treatment Unit. Nurses, aide soignantes, Dr B, a kinetherapist are just some of the folk breezing through my sliding glass doors. They don’t quite make the Star Trek doors sound but they are electrically operated. Dr B gave me the low down on the operation, no problems as such just I was a little more time consuming than they expected. I can hear P’s head nodding vigorously in Cleg from here. The only issue. I have at the moment is there is some air in my chest drain tube which means I cannot be up and about as they like quite so soon, as there could be a risk of a pneumothorax. Still, I am sitting up in a chair to write this so it’s not all bad. My nurse is keen on speaking English as she regrets all that she forgot when at school. I understand she was quite the ace, knowing all her past and present participles etc. The aide soignante who bring my food is too scared to speak and worries terribly over explaining the menu options for . I have told I’m a pig who will eat anything and she seemed happy to know. We also went through the menus on her tablet and I chose as I fancied.

When my therapist came in I wasn’t wearing my glasses and he gave me a bit of a shock, looking like a certain Canadian I used to play softball with, just as bald but a bit fatter – the therapist, not the Canadian. He ran me through a couple of exercises to work my lungs, one of which involves taking breaths and blowing bubbles into a bottle of water. Funny to think the thing my mum would tell me off for at the table is now helping. I have had a bed bath. For intimate details by return post, please send a stamped addressed plain brown envelope.

I am guessing the laproscopy must involve very little intervention as I am off the paracetemol drip already. I have some discomfort but less than I was expecting. Lunch has been served and I am pleased to report it was somewhat better than yesterday’s:

Here we have a salad de betteraves rouge, poulet basquiase, pommes de terre et ratatouille, eclair au café and a petit pain. All very bland but livened up by a shake over of the packet pepper. Obviously I did not eat the coffee eclair as all coffee desserts are the arse gravy of the devil. Apart from that, not too bad. Tonight’s delights are as follows: potages du legumes, volailles, fromage du vache qui ti and fromage blanc. Photos will be posted, whether you want them or not.


About donaldmets501

I read, I write, I play softball, I feed the chickens. I am as in love with Phylly as I was all those years ago when we married. I thank the gods/daemons/fates or who/whatever gave me cancer - truly a case of cloud/silver lining!
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